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Lute Player West Midlands - The Luthier

(From £240) The Luthier performs on Medieval and Renaissance instruments - Solo on Lute, Renaissance Guitar and Cittern, and also performs in a duo and trio! You can choose a Renaissance costume or a smart suit to be worn for your special performance.
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A Lute Player with a Unique Talent

Want to hear the wonderful sounds of Lute & Renaissance Guitar at your Wedding or event? The Luthier is a seasoned Lute Player with plenty of experience: performing publicly on a variety of instruments for 40 years in large and small venues alike; from the Royal Albert Hall to village halls; solo, in duos and in bands; on TV and radio; for concerts, weddings and dances, he knows how to create that special atmosphere for a day to remember!

A Renaissance and Medieval Specialist

He specialises in the fascinating music of the Renaissance and Medieval periods on replicas of original Lutes, Renaissance Guitars, Citterns and a range of other historical instruments, playing at Church and Civil Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Venues, Arts Centres, Festivals, Clubs, and school workshops.

The Luthier performs solo Traditional, Medieval and Renaissance music with voice, guitars and early instruments (Lute, Gittern, etc.) and is also part of an Early music Duo.

He also travels the UK delivering school workshops in historical music, history, drama and dance and tutoring students in Guitar and Lute.

Church Medieval Wedding Music

The Luthier’s performance is so suited to Churches, Chapels & Cathedrals you can wow your guests with a truly memorable performance! Dressed in traditional Renaissance costume this is a performance that will provide a real talking point on your big day. To discuss how The Luthier can perform Medieval wedding music at your Wedding, click the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button above. You can choose a costume or smart suit for performance.

Lineup & Performance Info:

  • Default lineup: 1 member – The Luthier performs on Lute, Renaissance Guitar and Cittern.
  • Performance timings: Every event has different requirements with regards to timing and The Luthier will create a performance specifically tailored for your event.
  • This act accepts bookings across the UK

Required by this act:

  • Parking for their vehicle(s) at the venue
  • Electricity supply
  • 2m x 2m stage space
  • 60 mins for setup/soundcheck
  • Changing room (ideally secure and private)
  • Water/tea/coffee/soft drinks
  • Hot meal/buffet may be required at some evening performances

Additional booking options:

  • Longer performance? Add extra sets as required
  • Larger Band? Yes, The Luthier can perform in a larger ensemble:DUO: As an early music duo, playing Medieval and Renaissance music on the following instruments:
    Voices, Recorders, Shawm, Oud, Cornamuse, Gittern, Rebec, Lute, Pipe and Tabor, Cittern, Gemshorn, Renaissance Guitar, Bagpipes, Psaltery, Simfony, Crumhorn, Bandora, Bray Harp.TRIO: As an early music trio: add extra Crumhorn, extra Recorder and Hurdy Gurdy.
  • Clothing/Costumes? The Luthier wears either Renaissance costume or a smart suit as required.
  • Daytime Performances? Yes, The Luthier provides Medieval music for all different types of events including Church/Civil Ceremony Weddings, Drinks Receptions, Wedding Breakfasts, Dinners, Charity/Gala events and can be booked both in the daytime and evening.

Lute Player The Luthier can perform on many different Medieval instruments including the Renaissance Guitar. He will help you arrange the perfect setlist for your Wedding or Event.

Songs performed on Lute:

Thomas Morley, 1599 – ‘O Mistress Mine’
John Dowland, c. 1620 – ‘Mr. Dowland’s Midnight’
John Dowland, c. 1615 – ‘Fortune’
John Dowland, c. 1590 – ‘Tarlton’s Resurrection’
John Dowland, c. 1590 – ‘Mrs. Winter’s Jump’
John Dowland, c. 1590 – ‘Robin is to the Green Wood Gone’
Robert Johnson, 1610 – ‘Where the Bee Sucks’
Cesare Negri, 1602 – ‘Il Bianco Fiore’
Francis Cutting, c. 1595 – ‘Francis Cutting’s Toy’
Francis Cutting, c. 1595 – ‘The Squirrel’s Toy’
Francesco Canova da Milano, 1536 – ‘Fantasia 7’
Christopher Marlowe, c. 1590 – ‘Come Live With Me and Be My Love’
John Sturt, 1620 – ‘The Lady Banning, Her Almand’
Thomas Robinson, c.1600 – ‘Robinsons May’
The Lute Player | The Luthist (Original), 2001 – ‘Lady Poplar’s Gift’
The Lute Player | The Luthist (Original), 2004 – ‘The Twin Binding Fancy’
The Lute Player | The Luthist (Original), 2006 – ‘Fantasia Margherita Maria’
Anon., England, 1610 – ‘Gray’s Inn Mask’
Anon., England, 1600 – ‘Prince’s Mask’
Anon., England, 1616 – ‘Draw Near Me and Love Me’
Anon., England, 1590 – ‘Folger Dowland f.87r’
Trad. England, c. 1601 – ‘When That I Was’
Trad., England, c. 1620 – ‘Home Again, Market is Done’
Trad., England, c. 1560 – ‘Heart’s Ease’
Trad., England, 1584 – ‘Calen O Custure Me’
Trad., England, 1580 – ‘Greensleeves’
Trad., England, c. 1600 – ‘How Should I Your True Love Know’
Trad., England, 1583 – ‘Rogero’
Trad., England, 1590 – ‘Kemps Jigge’
Anon., Scotland, c. 1605-20 – ‘Rowallan Untitled’
Anon., Scotland, c. 1605-20 – ‘Gypsies Lilt’
Anon., Scotland, c. 1627 – ‘The Canaries’
Anon., Scotland, 1620 – ‘Mure of Rowallan, f.5’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie’
Trad., France, 1603 – ‘Branle et Branle Gay’
Anon. Italy, c. 1502-1512 – ‘Calata’

Songs performed on Renaissance Guitar:

Anthony Holborne, 1599 – ‘The Night Watch’
Trad., England, 1620 and Germany, 1612 – ‘La Volta’
Trad., England, 1651 – Broom : ‘The Bonny Bonny Broom’
Trad., England, 1651 – ‘Chestnut (or Dove’s Figary)’
Trad., England, 1651 – ‘Jenny Pluck Pears’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Pinagay’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle des Lavandieres’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle d’Escosse’

Songs performed on Cittern:

Trad., England, 1590 – ‘Sellenger’s Round’
Trad., England, 1651 – ‘Millison’s Jig’
Trad., England, 1590 – ‘All in a Garden Green’
Trad., England, 1590 – ‘Gathering Peascods’
Trad., England, 1587 – ‘Go From My Window’
Trad., England, 1618 – ‘The little Barly-Corne’
Trad., England, 1637 – ‘Cuckolds All A Row’
Trad., England, c. 1610 – ‘Goddesses’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle Cassandre’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle des Hermites’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle des Chevaulx’
Trad., France, 1589 – ‘Branle de L’Official’
Trad., Scotland, c. 1650 – ‘Sweet Smiling Katie Loves Me’
Thomas D’Urfey, 1706 – ‘In the Fields in Frost and Snow’

“…..Beautiful set … a brilliant performance enthusiastically presented by a master musician to an appreciative and attentive audience that, quite simply, loved it. Wonderful”

Folk at the Fold

“…Superb … breathtaking … and a very fine singing voice … His performances are both compelling and informing. A virtuoso!”

Alcester Folk Festival

“Thank you for your beautiful music, which made our wedding day even more special. Of all the items in the ceremony, your music stood out as our favourite part.”

Rebecca and Tom, (Huddersfield Wedding)

“Treasures of interpretation … a treat for the ears … moments of genuine tenderness … melodic, reflective and unforced. His instrumental virtuosity can’t be faulted, masterful on anything he turns his frets to”

English Dance & Song Magazine

“A fine voice, accompanied by some of the best guitar playing to be heard anywhere”

Folk On The Farm

“One of England’s finest guitarists and a great voice to boot.”

The Circle Folk Club

“A singer whose voice you couldn’t mistake”

The Folk Mag

Common Folk Club

Common Folk Club

“A splendid performance … a joy and delight … he had us all spellbound”

Food & Folk

“His easy-going manner engages the audience; and the night was an object lesson in talking about the songs in an entertaining way – as well as some fine singing and playing”

Warwick Folk Club

“… Absolutely fantastic … spectacular …”

The Mudcat Café

“… Exactly what I always hope I’m going to get … we sometimes forget what a fine guitarist he is, partly because his gentle but solid vocals and purity of tone are what tend to stick in the memory”

Shreds and Patches

“When you’re as talented an instrumentalist as he is, you have to be careful not to let the accompaniment dominate the song. He gets it absolutely right … a mature talent well in command of the material”

Folk Monthly

“We are extremely happy with The Luthier, and all the guests were too. They were the soul of the party. My only regret is that I should have gone for an even longer afternoon session! Kind regards, Davide”

Davide C.