Live music performed by professional musicians is second to none. It creates anticipation, excitement and fun. Fantastic entertainment oils the social wheels; it settles and bonds guests, and creates a lasting impact. What better way to impress?

Below is an example of the glittering events we plan worldwide-

We organise and provide the entertainments schedule for events intimate or vast. Many of our artists are highly trained musicians with extensive repertoires, and can perform in a variety of settings.

Four Popular Package Examples:

Wedding Package Example 1 (Intimate Wedding):

CEREMONY: Harpist/Chorister/Violinist or String Quartet

BREAKFAST: Same Harpist, Violinist, or String Quartet continues

EVENING: DJ and band, or band providing ‘filler’ music between sets.

Wedding Package Example 2 (Large Wedding):

CEREMONY:  Classical/jazzy guitarist

BREAKFAST:  Sinatra style trio or string quartet

EVENING: 4-6 piece popular Funky Jazz band. Professional DJ, Fireworks, Room Theming/Balloons/Flowers, Ice Sculptures, Portable Cocktail Bar.

Corporate Event Example 1 (Medium-Sized Event):

6 Piece Modern Covers Band with Sound Rig and Lights
Cocktail Waitresses
Ice Bar/Luge
Professional DJ

Corporate Event Example 1 (Large Event):

Fully Themed Show with Action Lookalikes
Flowers / Decor / Set Designers
(ie James Bond, ’30’s Gangster’ etc)
Indoor Fireworks
Ice Art / Corporate Logo Sculpture
Champagne Fountain
Catering / Hosts / Hostesses
Celebrity Guest Speakers
(Sportspersons, TV / Radio Personalities etc)

Question and Answer Section

Q. What type of events do you organise?
A. Recently we organised the entertainments schedule for a 4-day society wedding in Normandy, attended by French dignitaries. We opened Alton Towers ‘Splash Landings’ Hotel, and employed hundreds of staff and musicians at The Royal Horticultural Society Tatton Park Flower Show. The music schedule for this prestigious event was provided by Atrium Entertainments for almost a decade.
Clients book thousands of bands, harpists, DJ’s and string quartets with us over the yearly social calendar, and we also provide advertising and PR for many musicians, recently providing blanket media coverage and securing a live BBC radio slot for ‘George Harry’s Son’. Recommendations and Thank-You Letters pour in on a daily basis, thanks to our dedicated and friendly staff!

Q. Tell me about your agency!
A. We were established in 2002 and the focus at Atrium Entertainments is only booking what we consider the best and most professional artistes in their field. Our agency success is all down to the fact that we eat, sleep and breathe live music! Find out more about us

We are on the constant look out for artistes with that extra sparkle- the people who we know make any event they perform at memorable for years to come. The type of performers you deserve.

Q. How do I make a booking?
A. Most clients like to browse the site and phone/e-mail us over a period of a few days, deciding upon an entertainments schedule at leisure. To book, simply contact our office and we will do the rest. Our booking process includes a state of the art secure payment server and electronic documentation.

Q. How can I pay for my entertainment?
A. Very simply through our secure server online. You can pay any amount towards your entertainment any time you wish. Our secure server accepts all major credit and debit cards; your information and details are completely confidential and safe.